Yousef Sangsefidi

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PhD Student

Yousef is interested in experimental-numerical modeling of flow behavior in natural areas and engineered systems. His area of interest is studying environmental processes in urban water resources.

Cheyenne Graves

MS Student

Cheynne is interested in Rainwater Harvesting Systems (RWH) to conserve water and energy. She is using Life Cycle Assessment to evaluate RWH sustainability.

Vincent O'Hara-Rhi

MS Student

Vincent is interested in developing advanced techniques to enhance the safety of transportation infrastructure against flooding. His project is supported by DOT.

Ryan McDowell

MS Student

Ryan is interested in discovering novel techniques to remove emerging pollutants from the environment, especially from the coupled stormwater- coastal systems.

Joaquin Santos

BS Student

Joaquin works on the application of GIS for Sea-Level Rise inundation analyses. He also studies groundwater rise as a result of Sea-Level Rise.

Former Students

Wynneth Requieron


Wynneth worked on 2-dimensional stormwater modeling to propose mitigation plans. Her study area is Sorrento Valley, San Diego, which is located in the flood plain.

Thomas Sun


Thomas worked on designing green stormwater control techniques to maximize the environmental benefits. His study area was a tributary of the San Diego River.

Kian Bagheri


Kian worked on the application of GIS for watershed delineation and analysis. He also uses hydrologic methods to develop hydrographs for 2-dimensional modeling.

Atalie Gomez


Atalie worked on the application of GIS for Sea-Level Rise inundation analyses. She also compiled data on community issues as a result of Sea-Level Rise.

Michael Violante


Michael worked on the optimization of drainage infrastructure to minimize the risk of failure of the utility poles. His thesis defense recording is available at: HERE

Reyhaneh Rahimi

Visiting Scholar

Reyhaneh worked on modeling the compound inundation impacts of coastal climate change through statistical downscaling

Undergraduate Research Teams

Atalie Gomez, Minrva Munoz, Jasmin Kazak, Hanadi Jarar

Miguel Lomeli, Raghad Hashim, Dylanne Fee

Nick Steffenino, Justin Sornberger

Guillermo Munoz, Roosevelt Momon, Jeremy Monroe




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