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Yousef is interested in high resolution hydraulic analysis and simulations. His current area of interest is studying the hydrodynamic behavior of weirs.

PhD Student

Yousef Sangsefidi

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Cheynne is interested in Bioelectrochemical Systems (BES) to recover energy from wastewater. She is using Life Cycle Assessment to evaluate BES sustainability.

MS Student

Cheyenne Graves

Thomas is interested in designing green stormwater control techniques to maximize the environmental benefits. His study area is a tributary of the San Diego River.

MS Student (Project)

Thomas Sun


Kian is interested in application of GIS for watershed delineation and analysis. He also uses hydrologic methods to develop hydrographs for 2-dimensional modeling.

BS Student

Kian Bagheri

Reyhaneh is interested in statistical downscaling of the meteorological variables, which come out of the Global Circulation Models in a high resolution.

PhD Student

Reyhaneh Rahimi

Vincent's passion is stormwater management and finding optimal methods to quantify stormwater pollutions being discharged to our beautiful ocean.

MS Student

Vincent O'Hara-Rhi

Michael is working on application of artificial intelligence to o improve hydrologic and hydraulic forecasting. His specific area of interest is Fuzzy Logic.

MS Student

Michael Violante

Former Students

Wynneth worked on 2-dimensional stormwater modeling to propose mitigation plans. Her study area is Sorrento Valley, San Diego, which is located in the flood plain.


Wynneth Requieron