Basic Modeling

Hassan also offers more affordable modeling options for cases that are less sensitive than a dam failure. For example, he performs 1-Diemnsional modeling to identify the effect of stormdrain maintenance activities, such as sediment and vegetation removal. For this purpose, Hassan collects data from field measurements, as-built plans and on-line databases. 


Sophisticated Modeling

Hassan performs sophisticated flood modeling caused by a dam failure or a storm. For dam failure problems, he simulates the potential failure of the dam considering human life impacts and environmental losses. For this purposes, he calculates the depth and velocity of potential flood waters from a failure event in order to assess their potential impacts. First, he analyzes the site topographic conditions to identify the location of the breach with the greatest potential impact. Next, he performs a sensitivity analysis to determine the most conservative breach scenario and the corresponding breach hydrograph. Then, he develops a 2-Dimentional hydrologic-hydraulic model to generate breach inundation maps and flood wave animations. Lastly, he presents his findings to his clients to devise appropriate emergency action plans. 


Animation above shows the flood wave for a hypothetical dam breach for the Murray reservoir located at the eastern boundary of the City of San Diego, which Hassan has made for his lectures. This animation shows that a dam failure could impact Interstate 8 and building around it, including Alvarado Hospital.




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